Attention !

ceci n'est pas juste de la spiruline,

mais une combinaison unique de 4 ingrédients
Spiruline + Ginseng + Rhodiola + Eleutherocoque.

Aux allégations validés par la DGCCRF :

Renforce le corps, augmente l’endurance, améliore les performance physique et réduit l’acide lactique

Le complément idéal pour tous !

Turmeric helps control inflammatory responses in the body. Helps protect joints, maintain joint flexibility, and promote joint health


Horsetail relieves inflammatory pain. It helps to maintain the joints flexible, is effective in the problems of inflammation and mobility of the joints.

Complements of superior qualities

Ginseng increases physical performance, physical endurance by promoting the breakdown of sugar and lactic acid.

Eleutheroccoque helps to strengthen the body, contributes to physical well-being and supports energy vigilance.



- Antioxidant.

- Anti-inflammatory.




- Anti-inflammatory.

- Aches



Preal of the fields

- Remineralizing.

- Effective for healing, relieving a sprain or strengthening the joints




- Joints.

Authorized claims validated by the DGCCRF:

Recovery: Cellular Protection / Helps to Protect Joints / Helps maintain joint flexibility / Contributes to joint health / Helps strengthen the body's musculoskeletal system / Helps maintain healthy joints / Helps maintain joints and joints flexible tendons / Helps maintain good mobility / Relieves inflammatory pain / Use to maintain flexible joints / Effective in inflammation and joint mobility problems



- Strengthens vitality.

- Maintenance energy and tone.

- Rich in protein.



Rhodiola (articular root)

- Performance for endurance sports

- Cellular antioxidant.




- Improves physical performance

- Tonicity and vitality

- Lowers lactic acid.




- Fights fatigue.

- Improves sports performance

Authorized claims validated by the DGCCRF:

Energy / Stamina: Improves Physical Performance / Improves Learning Abilities / Toner Helps Strengthen Vitality in Fatigue and Weakness / Toning that Helps Build Vitality During Convalescence / Contributes to More Mental Energy and Physical / Help in case of recovery, rehabilitation / Helps to strengthen the body / Contributes to physical well-being / Supports energetic vigilance / Makes you feel more energetic.

A unique composition :

4 highly titrated ingredients, nothing else !



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Lucy Paltz

Outdoor journalist

Antoine Auriol

Kite-surf World Champion

TV host "the quest for the winds"


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