Oui, il est facile de courir avec des noix
et des fruits secs !

Les barres TARACKING®,

c'est un mélange de 3 ingrédients de très hautes qualités,

mixés sans cuisson, pour bénéficier de tout leurs nutriments et vitamines.

2/3 de fruits secs + 1/3 de noix + 1 super aliment.

rien d'autre!

Idéal pour l'énergie et l'endurance

Probably the easiest way to enjoy the power of dried fruits and nuts, bar.

Boite de 10


Bars of superior qualities

Naturally rich in fiber, unsaturated fatty acids, but also in vitamins & minerals.

12,3 %


13,1 %


23,5 mg


35 mg



3 ingredients, nothing else!

Without doubt, the best way to benefit from the benefits of dried fruits and nuts in bar.

Fructose to regulate energy during exercise without peak blood sugar.

A unique composition :

3 ingredients, nothing else !


- Excellent for the heart.

- Regulates the blood pressure.

- Good against shots of pumps, stress, hair and brittle nails.


- Improves memory and concentration.

- Rich in protein.

- Maintains good morale / anti-stress

Cinnamon from Madagascar

- Lowers blood sugar in the blood.

- Improves blood circulation.

- Antiseptic and anti-infectious properties.


- Energy supply during endurance sports.

- Fights fatigue.

- Promotes the proper functioning of muscles, especially heart muscles.

Macadamia nuts

- Contributes to the good transmission of nerve impulses.

- Lowers cholesterol.

- Essential for muscle contraction, especially that of the heart.

Guarana of Brazil

- Physical and intellectual stimulant.

- Improves endurance.

- Increases concentration and memory.

An unrivaled product

Standard Bar


Pumping up during digestion

(presence of fast sugar)


Sensation of "bar" in the stomach


Artificial taste



(destruction of minerals)


Complex composition

(lactose powder, glucose syrup, flavorings, invert sugar, bulking agent, acidity regulator, emulsifier, humectant, almond flour, emulsifier, sweetener, ...)



Regulates energy during

physical and intellectual effort

(thanks to oilseeds and natural fructose)


Very digestible


Delicious taste


Raw, for conservation

perfect micro nutrients


Unique composition of 3 ingredients

(dried fruits + nuts + super foods)


Made in France




bloggers runners


Lucy Paltz

Outdoor journalist

Antoine Auriol

Kite-surf World Champion

TV host "the quest for the winds"


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